Zan Tyler speaks to the heart of Christian homeschooling moms like no one else. In addition to educating her own children, Zan has spent thirty-plus years joyfully mentoring homeschool parents, publishing curriculum and resources for families, and advocating for home education everywhere from her state’s legislature to our nation’s capital. Now she wants to equip and empower you to answer your God-given calling to teach your kids at home. Join Zan and a special guest each week for real encouragement, engaging stories, and practical wisdom for surviving and thriving on the homeschool journey.

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February 8, 2023
Aby Rinella | Episode 027
To say Aby Rinella and her family have a passion for experiencing God through His Creation is an understatement! They want you to have the freedom to do the same. As a former teacher, Aby thought public school was best for kids–and then God called her to homeschool. You’ll love this inspiring conversation with Zan and Aby (and a cameo by Joe Tyler) on trusting God, homeschooling, hunting and fishing, serving others, and much more!
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February 1, 2023
Gaps in Your Homeschool Part 2 | Episode 026
In Part 2 of our discussion on Gaps in Your Homeschool, Zan and Nancy explore some additional areas where gaps can occur, including relationships, faith, and life skills. Today, we’re focusing on relationship building and faith building with our kids, emphasizing that understanding their bents and gifts are key. And we will offer encouragement and practical help to keep our homeschool engaging and meaningful as we seek to honor God as we strengthen our families.
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January 25, 2023
Gaps in Your Homeschool Part 1 | Episode 025
All homeschool moms think about gaps. We wonder, “Will my kids have gaps in their education? Will these be minor or gaps that affect them the rest of their lives?” We can get bogged down contemplating this topic if we’re not careful. The reality is there will be gaps. Gaps exist in every child’s education and every child’s life. Zan and Nancy share examples of gaps they experienced and how God met them there.
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January 18, 2023
Eujeana Chism | Episode 024
Eujeana Chism’s homeschool experience provided an abundance of family time and fostered wonderful life skills in her children. There were many challenging seasons, too, from homeschooling on the road, to homeschooling while starting a new business with her husband, to homeschooling while caring for her aging grandmother. Eujeana shares her personal story of how BJU Press Homeschool curriculum and videos came alongside her and assisted her as she taught her children at home.
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December 28, 2022
The Tylers’ Homeschool Story | Episode 021
In Part 2 of the Tylers’ Homeschool Story, Zan is once again joined by her husband Joe. The Tylers recap the numerous lawsuits and legislative battles they encountered, along with stories of personal loss, policemen at their door, and the nagging fear of having their children removed from their home. Zan and Joe recount how God moved in remarkable ways to grant homeschool freedom and even bless their children in unexpected ways along the way.
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December 21, 2022
The Tylers’ Homeschool Story | Episode 020
In this very special episode, Zan is joined by her husband Joe. This compelling story of transformation will touch your heart as God took Zan from not wanting children to being married with three children. You’ll hear how the Tylers very reluctantly began homeschooling in 1984 and discovered a rewarding lifestyle of family closeness with children who thrived–in spite of the harrowing experience of having their application to homeschool denied and Zan being threatened with jail.
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praise for zan

Such an incredible message. I was so in need of a filling up; to have my heart inspired to WANT to homeschool. I needed more than just the how-to's, and Zan was just what I needed. I love her heart ministry!

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