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As a part of her lifetime commitment and work in equipping Christian homeschool families, Zan has partnered with HomeWorks by Precept in representing BJU Press. For the past 20 years, Zan has worked tirelessly to empower moms in training up their children with a biblical worldview. She has been an outspoken international speaker, leader, and writer defending Christian homeschool freedoms. During that same time, BJU Press has been providing homeschools and Christian schools academically sound curriculum, with a solid biblical worldview. Together, they offer homeschool moms a tradition of homeschool excellence with supportive Christian encouragement and solid biblical curriculum.

What is HomeWorks by Precept?

HomeWorks by Precept is a nationwide support network of HomeWorks Consultants—homeschool moms­­­—offering love, encouragement, and support to other homeschool moms.

These HomeWorks Consultants are the heart of HomeWorks by Precept. They have a thorough understanding of the BJU Press Homeschool curriculum because they have used it successfully with their own children and love sharing their knowledge with others. They guide moms through the process of choosing and purchasing the curriculum at the best price, while offering invaluable counsel and guidance.

The consultants are passionate about coming alongside other homeschool families and helping them to teach the next generation with a curriculum centered on a biblical worldview.  Hear from one of their consultants:

“I have two sons (ages 11 & 13) and have been homeschooling them for 8 years.  My husband is attending seminary, and we have been serving in ministry for many years. Still, sometimes children think school is completely separate from the Bible. That is one thing that drew us to BJU Press Homeschool.  The curriculum shows them daily that everything we do is for God's glory...”


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Zan is frequently asked to be a featured guest speaker on the topics of homeschooling and homeschooling freedoms, nurturing children and family life, and inspiring children to find their life callings. Explore her media appearances below or contact her today to be a guest on your media outlet.

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Is your church or homeschool in need of encouragement? Life is a long journey, and often hearing from those who have traveled the paths we are currently on can bring refreshment. Joe and Zan Tyler have been married for over 38 years and have experienced a lot of life together. With a spirit of love and joy, they will encourage your church or homeschool group.

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