Zan Tyler

For the past 35 years, Zan Tyler and her husband, Joe, have been actively involved in the American homeschool movement teaching and mentoring others. At their speaking engagements, they take their audiences beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a wondrous, life-giving vision of family life. Audiences agree, “Zan and Joe are

inspiring, engaging, funny, full of enthusiasm, encouraging, real, relatable, passionate, uplifting, empowering–authentic!”

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Media Occurrences

Zan Tyler is frequently asked to be a featured guest speaker on the topics of homeschooling and homeschool freedom, nurturing children and family life, and inspiring children to find their life callings. Explore her media appearances below and contact her today to be a guest on your podcast, a speaker for your event, or other opportunity.

About Zan Tyler

“My story is about the greatness and faithfulness of the Lord – and how He uses ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary plans.”

Zan’s homeschool journey began in 1984 when homeschooling was illegal. The State Superintendent of Education threatened Zan with jail for not sending her children to the local public school. For the next eight years, she and other homeschool families battled for homeschool freedom and the establishment of landmark homeschool legislation in South Carolina.


Praise for Zan

  • "I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Zan and Joe Tyler. They each did a tremendous job on their sessions. And it is SO IMPORTANT for you guys to be getting MORE MALE speakers to speak into the lives of fathers, husbands and male teachers. They are the Biblical leaders that God has placed for them to carry that headship and leadership and I was so thankful for Joe and his sessions and then Zan and her passion for family and for biblical teachings and priorities. Please continue to go on that route because these are truly desperate times."
  • "Never have I been so uplifted. Zan’s testimony to the faithfulness of God has had a powerful impact on my life."
  • "Loved Zan & Joe Tyler as speakers SO much! So encouraging, so real, so engaging, and relatable. I knew right from that first session that I didn't want to miss any of their sessions! Thank you for bringing in speakers who genuinely love the Lord and have a heart for homeschoolers."
  • "Thank you for bringing out Zan and Joe Tyler. They need to be a repeat to come again."
  • "Zan and Joe Tyler were amazing!! I loved how they brought everything they talked about back to scripture. They were very inspiring, engaging and empowering. I came away feeling great."
  • "Such an incredible message. I was so in need of a filling-up; to have my heart inspired to WANT to homeschool. I couldn’t handle any “how-to” and Zan was just what I needed. Heart ministry."
  • "Zan has a way to captivate the mothers through personal experiences. She has 'been there, done that' and can offer wisdom and I appreciate that she shared from her heart."
  • "Great mix of practical advice, life stories, and encouragement. I loved that it was both "you can delegate the less important so you don't burn out" and 'this is your calling and God will see you through even though it's hard.'"
  • "Joe did an amazing job of keeping us to focus on the root issues of what is going on in social media, the "culture" and how we can raise sons in this world. Very encouraging."
  • "I thought that Joe's points were well balanced, as far as being realistic about what you can and can't control about what your kids are exposed to, and he had helpful tips about how to deal with things as your kids grow."

“Zan’s story and testimony are inspiring. Her struggle to homeschool when homeschooling was illegal in the USA is incredible, and how she led the battle for homeschool freedom in South Carolina is truly inspiring. Zan is a treasure to the homeschool community nationally and internationally.”

~Mike Farris President and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, Founder of HSLDA



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Contact Zan Tyler for speaking engagements, media inquiries, writing articles, or to ask a question. Or, email Zan directly at  Zan@Zantyler.Com

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