Zan Tyler speaks to the heart of Christian homeschooling moms like no one else. In addition to educating her own children, Zan has spent thirty-plus years joyfully mentoring homeschool parents, publishing curriculum and resources for families, and advocating for home education everywhere from her state’s legislature to our nation’s capital. Now she wants to equip and empower you to answer your God-given calling to teach your kids at home. Join Zan and a special guest each week for real encouragement, engaging stories, and practical wisdom for surviving and thriving on the homeschool journey.

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March 29, 2023
Michael Farris | Episode 034
In the early 1980s, Mike and Vickie Farris, parents of ten, began homeschooling and never looked back. In this compelling episode, Zan and Mike discuss the years they worked together on homeschool legislation, as well as what motivated Mike to start HSLDA, NCFCA homeschool speech and debate, and Patrick Henry College. You’ll be inspired by Mike’s faith, his commitment to marriage and family, and his desire to be used by God to serve others.
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March 22, 2023
Meeke Addison | Episode 033
Join Zan and Meeke Addison, mother of six, as they answer the question, “If I am convinced God has entrusted me with these children, do I see my children as a blessing?” From the Old Testament through the New Testament, the expectation is clear that parents are to cherish their children and pass down the love and knowledge of God to them. Zan and Meeke also discuss large families and the joys and challenges of homeschooling.
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March 15, 2023
Beth Martin | Episode 032
In part 2, Zan and Beth Martin continue their conversation about homeschooling through high school. You’ll learn about the benefits of a gap year, elective credits, entrepreneurship, dual enrollment, testing, financial aid, the FAFSA, service opportunities, and options for classes that parents don’t want to teach. While you might be hesitant to homeschool in high school, take the plunge! Your teens will blossom, and the benefits of spending these years with them will absolutely amaze you!
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March 8, 2023
Beth Martin | Episode 031
Does the idea of homeschooling high school feel intimidating or overwhelming? This 2-part episode with Beth Martin is sure to encourage and inspire you! In part 1, Zan and Beth cover a wide variety of topics including trusting our good and faithful God to lead and guide us; preparing your child for college, the military, or the workforce; internships and enrichment opportunities; graduating a child with special needs; the importance of soft skills; and much more.
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March 1, 2023
Crystal Niehoff | Episode 030
Homeschooling among military families is on the rise due to the many advantages and amazing learning opportunities. In this inspiring conversation, Zan and her guest, Crystal Niehoff, discuss the flexibility, consistency, and bonding military homeschool families enjoy in spite of the frequent moves that are part of a military family’s life. Crystal, host of the Military Homeschool Podcast, loves to encourage parents. Zan and Crystal also discuss the invaluable benefits of volunteering, working on our marriages, and supporting one another.
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February 22, 2023
Paul Hastings | Episode 029
Compelled by his own experience of growing up in a family passionate about homeschooling, Paul Hastings and his wife homeschool their three children. In this lively conversation, Zan and Paul discuss his time serving with THSC, the benefits of internships, and Paul’s own podcast “Compelled,” where he shares exceptional testimonies of God transforming the lives of his guests. You’ll love hearing how Paul’s dad decided to homeschool before he ever had kids or a wife!
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praise for zan

Such an incredible message. I was so in need of a filling up; to have my heart inspired to WANT to homeschool. I needed more than just the how-to's, and Zan was just what I needed. I love her heart ministry!

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