Ginny Yurich | Ep. 069

Nov 29, 2023

Homeschooling + Time Outside = Transformed, Happy Children (Part 2)

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Do you feel the pressure to make sure your kids are occupied every minute? Zan and Ginny Yurich discuss the surprisingly incredible value of letting your kids be bored. By giving children plenty of time to play, explore, discover, build, and create, they learn to use their imaginations to come up with innovative activities and solutions. Intentionally creating space and margins in your children’s lives allows them to take risks, develop grit and resilience, and learn to love life. This sets them up for success in an ever-changing world. You don’t want to miss this message of hope for your homeschool family!



Ginny Yurich | Homeschooling + Time Outside = Transformed, Happy Children (Part 1) | Ep. 068

Meet My Guest

Ginny is the founder and CEO of 1000 Hours Outside, a global movement and burgeoning lifestyle brand meant to bring back balance between virtual life and real life. She is a thought-leader in the world of nature-based play and experiences and the benefits those provide for people of all ages. Many people from all walks of life look to her for inspiration as well as practical tips on how to put down the screens and get outside. Ginny is also the host and producer of the top-ranked 1000 Hours Outside Podcast as well as the author of several books including the newly released “Until the Streetlights Come On.” She holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Michigan and she loves growing zinnias. Ginny and her husband, Josh reside in Southeast Michigan where they homeschool their five children. 

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At BJU Press Homeschool, we’re committed to providing children an education from a biblical worldview that is academically sound and challenges them to advance, think critically, and live like Christ. This type of education is not often possible in public schools because of the number of children taught in a classroom, a difference in worldview, and peer and societal pressure to conform. Homeschooling allows parents to instruct and disciple their children without daily fighting messages from an opposing worldview taught in the classroom. And with tuition costs and fees for private schooling or tutoring, homeschooling may be the only option for parents who are concerned for their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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