Kristi Clover | Episode 003

Help! I’m Homeschooling and My House Is a Mess!

episode description

Do you feel like you’re drowning in the responsibilities of homeschooling while taking care of your home, cooking dinner, and keeping up on laundry? There is hope! Kristi Clover shares cleaning systems and hacks that will allow you to keep your household under control while you’re homeschooling–and give you more time with your family and friends in the process. Listen and find simple ways to bring more joy into your home and family life.

About the guest

Kristi Clover is a home organization guru and #momlife expert. She is a unique blend of warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, resourcefulness, faith, compassion, and depth. To watch Kristi care for her home, while loving, teaching, challenging, inspiring, and totally enjoying her five children is like observing a master artist at work on a life-size canvas. Kristi is an astute and engaging writer, a captivating and life-changing speaker and podcast host, and a totally devoted wife, mother, and friend. (And she is so funny!) In my years of speaking across the country, I have never met anyone with the joie de vivre that Kristi brings to every person she meets and every circumstance she encounters.


Things you'll learn from this episode

  • When you plan your homeschool, you also need a plan for your home and family. The more chaotic your home is, the less time you have for family and other people.
  • Whether or not organization comes naturally for you, you can put systems in place to help.
  • Ten foundational rules can change your life–including to remember your priorities, clear the clutter, and ask for help when you need it. (Make sure you listen for all ten.)
  • Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re a failure, but rather you’re smart enough to know you need help. We have to be vulnerable. People can’t read our minds. We also need to be willing to accept help when it’s offered.
  • Discover laundry hacks to help you tackle and stay on top of getting your family’s laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away.
  • Finally, give yourself grace!


At BJU Press Homeschool, we’re committed to providing children an education from a biblical worldview that is academically sound and challenges them to advance, think critically, and live like Christ. This type of education is not often possible in public schools because of the number of children taught in a classroom, a difference in worldview, and peer and societal pressure to conform. Homeschooling allows parents to instruct and disciple their children without daily fighting messages from an opposing worldview taught in the classroom. And with tuition costs and fees for private schooling or tutoring, homeschooling may be the only option for parents who are concerned for their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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