Victorious Homeschool mom and daughter

Series Introduction: From Overwhelmed to Victorious

If I had to come up with one feeling that every homeschooling mom has shared at some point in her life, it would be OVERWHELMED. And why shouldn’t it be?

Life with kids can be overwhelming as it is—and when you add homeschooling to the mix, you have just added another layer of chores and responsibilities. Now in addition to all your regular responsibilities, you need to choose curriculum, understand learning styles, and know how to teach. You become the school nurse, the school bus driver, the guidance counselor, and the director of extra-curricular activities. When I was homeschooling, I would often remind the Lord that school districts paid good money for personnel to perform each of these functions!

As I was thinking about doing a series on Bible characters who graduated from the ranks of the overwhelmed, I started looking for the antonym of overwhelmed in my trusty online thesaurus.

What is the opposite of overwhelmed? Underwhelmed was the first antonym I came across. That wasn’t what I was looking for.

As I wracked my brain for the opposite of being overwhelmed, I realized that part of it is being inspired. But it is even more than that.

It is being VICTORIOUS.

Each week we will focus on a different person in Scripture who was overwhelmed—and had every right to be—humanly speaking. And we will see how this Overwhelmed Person of the Week managed to move from Overwhelmed to Inspired to Victorious.

In all these things we are more than victorious through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 (HCSB)

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